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We offer the highest quality of cleaning services without
harming the environment. All we leave behind is a fresh clean
home, not dangerous toxins.
What We Do:

Sweep America Green provides clean, safe environments in
S.W. Florida. We stand out by offering top quality services with
a green clean twist. Our Environmentally Friendly products
clean just as well as the others but are safe for you and your
family. Plus, They are eco-friendly as well.
Fact:  75,000 is the
number of registered
chemicals, only a
fraction of which
have been tested for
human health
Superior Clean With a Green Twist!
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Email: apost@SweepAmericaGreen.com
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We are now offering Pressure Washing services. Get your
home clean inside and out.
Driveways        Walkways        Pool Decks/Cages
Lanai/Porch        Ext. Houses/Mobile Homes
     Business' / Residential

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