After having used 5 other services in the past 8 years, I was
convinced that there was no one that would really care
about quality cleaning.  I am so glad I found you! I want to
thank you for your attention to detail, for your on time
arrival, and excellent performance!  I recommended you to
a couple of others that are seeking someone who will
actually CLEAN and they are both very satisfied as well.  
You will go far due to your diligence and care.  Thank you
for making my life easier. Please feel free to use me as a

Alice M. Bell
Vacation Rental Client - Fort Myers Beach
"Sweep America Green is a very trust worthy and good
company. They are very conscious of doing their best and it
shows in the work. Being environmentally conscious is a
plus as they use the best and safest products in their
cleaning business. Along with the great work and the
products used, the customer benefits. With a clean and
environmentally safe home, how can a customer do any
better? It works for me!"

Bonnie Conrad
Satisfied Customer - San Carlos Park
Fact:  75,000 is the number of registered chemicals, only a
fraction of which have been tested for human health concerns.
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